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Juice Concentrate

Juice Concentrate


Product Description


  • More than 10 years experiences, Leading plant extract industry in The United Kingdom
  • Own GAP planting bases & GMP factory;
  • Top quality, Competitive price, Best service;
  • Highly motivated and dedicated staff with only one goal “to achieve excellence”;
  • Supplied more then 200 kinds of standard herbal extracts and 900 kinds of botanical extracts.


Introduction :

Juice concentrate is processed with wild/ cultivated berries by physical methods. The main processing flow is selecting, crushing, decomposing enzyme, concentrating under low temperature, recovering aroma, pasteurizing and aseptic filling etc. The processing flows can utmost guarantee the original aroma and nutritional components of the berries. The juice concentrate can be used for processing various juice, wine, candy and jam etc. It can also used for food additives. There include juice concentrate of blackcurrant, raspberry, blueberry, lingonberry, blue honeysuckle, wild grape, blackberry, strawberry and sea buckthorn etc. All juice concentrate is processed seriously according to the EEC2092/91 and UK RSK standards.


  • Loading Quantity:Net weight 18MT /20′ RH FCL & 24MT /40′ RH FCL
  • The Storage Condition:Cold storage below 5°C
  • Shelf life:24 months
  • Packing:275kg/barrel or 250kg/Barrel


Why Chooses Foodex :

  1. It is Natural Fruits Juice with its Fruit’s flavorNo additive fragrance.
  2. All the fruits are wild source, no pesticides residue.
  3. Good Solubilityand Good Taste.
  4. Nutramax use the Low Temperature Spray Driedprocess for the juice powder for keeping the natural ingredients in the berries.


The Main Product are as follows:


  Product Name
1. Orange Juice Concentrate 65 Brix
2. Strawberry Juice Concentrate 65 Brix
3. Strawberry Juice Concentrate 65 Brix
4. Sea buckthorn Concentration juice 65 Brix
5. Mulberry Concentration juice 65 Brix
6. Raspberry Concentration juice 65 Brix
7. Crataegus monogyna concentrate 65 Brix
8. Wolfberry concentrate 65 Brix
9. Apple Concentration juice 65 Brix
10 Longan concentration juice 65 Brix
11 Grape concentration juice 65 Brix
12 Pineapple concentration juice 65 Brix
13 Pumpkin juice concentrate
14 Carrot concentrated juice
15 Pear concentrated juice
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